Treat Patient Data with the Same Care You Treat Patients 

Healthcare is one of the most oft targeted industries by cybercriminals, and for good reason: a complete patient profile including personal data and banking/credit card information can fetch up to $1,000 per record on the dark web. The information can be sold, held for ransom, or used by people without healthcare to fraudulently receive medical services.

Most health services organizations today are a complex network of public and private providers including large hospitals, small clinics, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, pharmacies, labs, testing/imaging centers, medical equipment and device suppliers, plus a number of information technology partners. And theyre all connected.

If just one of these partners relies on outdated cybersecurity measures, vendors up and down the organizations supply chain become vulnerable to an attack, putting everyone at risk.

Healthcare providers must treat digital assets and patient information with the same care and sensitivity they use to treat people. The place to start is with password management, as most breaches can be traced to the use of a weak or compromised password or poor credential management.

Practice Best Practices with Passpack

Your relationship with patients and partners is based on trust and the ability to keep confidential information, well, confidential. Passpack is a centralized cloud based password management application that delivers a level of protection equal to the sensitivity of the information being safeguarded.

Employing a zero-knowledge security architecture for strict adherence over data privacy, Passpack helps with HIPAA compliance. It puts the controls in place to enforce strong policies around password creation and use across entire organizations, empowering users to share confidential data securely, enabling better patient outcomes while reducing risk.

Passpack should not only be your first line of defense against cyberthreats, but its use should also be a non-negotiable condition for partners connected to your digital healthcare ecosystem. Because any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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Key Features

  • Scalable. Support an unlimited number of users and passwords
  • Versatile. Create an unlimited number of discreet teams of users
  • Secure. Zero-knowledge architecture, end-to-end encrypted password sharing between individuals and teams
  • Universal. All platforms supported, access from any browser, any device
  • Automated. Create strong credentials with built-in password generator
  • Adaptable. Import, export, and transfer ownership of passwords
  • Centralized. 100% visibility into every user’s password-related actions
  • Reduce risk further with:
  • - Two-factor Authentication - Yubi Key support
  • - Emergency access codes
  • - Private and shared notes
  • - Login IP and address history
  • - Google Single Sign-on (SSO) available
  • - Prevention of DNS attacks

Customer Testimonials

"What worries me most is not what happens to patient data collected and stored here – we’re up to date on our security defenses and password management standards. It’s the lack of control and visibility into how some of our partners handle our data. If I could demand all of our vendors use Passpack, I’d sleep better.”

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