Employee data is treasured by cybercriminals. Don't let your HR Department be a treasure trove of stolen data.

Imagine stealing the digital identities and credentials of hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of employees in one fell swoop to sell on the dark web or to mine for ammunition in a mass phishing attack. That’s the lure of human resources data for hackers.

Corporate HR administrators, third-party HR service providers, payroll processors, and temp employment agencies all manage the complete employee on- to off-boarding lifecycle and collect highly sensitive personal data. Beyond storing resumes, performance reviews, and counting vacation days there are addresses, social security numbers, insurance benefits, ID badge data, and banking/direct deposit details for every member of the organization. Protecting this information is the responsibility of the HR department and is of equal if not greater importance as monitoring employee attendance and cutting payroll checks.

A breach in HR data not only puts your entire employee population at risk of financial fraud and identity theft, but also exposes your organization to compliance penalties and monetary fines. HR departments must secure sensitive employee data with the same tenacity IT departments use to guard their server and data environments. The place to start is with password management, as most cyberattacks can be traced to the use of a weak or compromised password or poor credential management. 

People are your most important asset

You need to stay in compliance with data protection regulations and minimize risk when sharing employee data with third parties and insurance partners. Passpack is a centralized password management application that delivers peace of mind so your employees can trust the private information they share with you remains private.

Passpack employs a Zero Trust security model and end-to-end data encryption for strict adherence over data privacy, ensuring only authenticated users can access passwords that unlock sensitive employee files. Not even Passpack has access to your passwords thanks to our unique Passkey technology. Passpack puts controls in place to enforce strong password creation policies across entire organizations, empowering users to share confidential data securely while minimizing the chances that your HR department with be the source of a breach.

Passpack should not only be your first line of defense against cyberthreats, but its use should also be a non-negotiable condition when selecting vendors that will connect to your network. Because your employees’ business is nobody else’s business. 

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Key Features

  • Scalable. Support an unlimited number of users and passwords
  • Versatile. Create an unlimited number of discreet teams of users
  • Secure. Zero-knowledge architecture, end-to-end encrypted password sharing between individuals and teams
  • Universal. All platforms supported, access from any browser, any device
  • Automated. Create strong credentials with built-in password generator
  • Adaptable. Import, export, and transfer ownership of passwords
  • Centralized. 100% visibility into every user’s password-related actions
  • Reduce risk further with:
  • - Two-factor Authentication - Yubi Key support
  • - Emergency access codes
  • - Private and shared notes
  • - Login IP and address history
  • - Google Single Sign-on (SSO) available
  • - Prevention of DNS attacks

Customer Testimonials

"My employees are like family. I’d be devastated if their personal information were leaked and caused them pain, especially when there is such an easy and affordable method of prevention available. Passpack isn’t a cure-all, but it goes a long way towards minimizing risk.”

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