Make Passpack Your First Line of Defense

Data centers, software application developers, internet/managed service providers, internal IT departments, system integrators, cybersecurity experts, digital transformation and cloud migration services – whatever area of IT expertise your business provides, you’re very familiar with the challenges of effective cybersecurity and the critical role password management plays in controlling access management.

You’ve seen firsthand the drain on employee productivity and the increased burden on IT personnel to reset lost or forgotten passwords. You know that weak credentials and poor password hygiene are the number one source of ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats.

You’re quite aware that as a trusted IT partner, your business holds the credentials to countless users, networks, databases, apps, cloud services, servers and more on behalf of your clients. They expect you to follow cybersecurity best practices. Cybercriminals will eventually target your business in an attempt to access client systems and servers, and your company can ill afford to be identified as the source of a breach.

The best method for managing user access is a layered approach. A centralized password management solution that provides MFA like Passpack should be your first line of defense. Passpack ensures the right people have the right access to the right things, with centralized administrator control to easily amend permissions and policies as needed. 

And not just at your organization – you should be recommending the use of a secure password management app to your clients as well. A password manager will not only promote best security practices and good password hygiene among employees, but it will also help with compliance and insulate organizations against the cyberthreats, fines, and reputational damage that all too often start with poor credential management. 

Keep your business and clients safe with Passpack
Passpack puts the controls in place to help achieve regulatory compliance, enforce strong security policies, and deliver the peace of mind your clients demand. It empowers users to share passwords and confidential data securely, access proprietary assets, and enable collaboration between project teams without compromise. Passpack simplifies the employee on- and off-boarding process, scales as the business grows, and provides audit trails and comprehensive reporting to track user activity in the event of a breach.

Be the IT services company that practices what it preaches—Trust Passpack so your clients can better trust you.

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Key Features

  • Scalable. Support an unlimited number of users and passwords
  • Versatile. Create an unlimited number of discreet teams of users
  • Secure. Zero-knowledge architecture, end-to-end encrypted password sharing between individuals and teams
  • Universal. All platforms supported, access from any browser, any device
  • Automated. Create strong credentials with built-in password generator
  • Adaptable. Import, export, and transfer ownership of passwords
  • Centralized. 100% visibility into every user’s password-related actions
  • More security, control & management with:
  • – Two-factor Authentication - YubiKey support
  • – Emergency access codes
  • – Private and shared notes
  • – Login IP and address history
  • – Google Single Sign-on (SSO) available
  • – Prevention of DNS attacks
  • – Team management
  • – Administrator controls
  • – Advanced reporting

Customer Testimonials

"It’s not just about us here. Our relationship with clients is a two-way street. They trust us with access to their mission-critical systems, and it would fly in the face of everything we do here if we were breached or found to be the cause. Passpack gives us that extra layer of security that keeps us safe, which in turn allows us to be a trusted resource for our clients.”




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