Protect Your Brand with Passpack

Some marketing services companies are so concerned with building their clients’ brands they forget about protecting their own.

Inside the agency there are private internal and external client communications, media plans, and creative strategies for upcoming ads and product launches the competition would love to see. There are libraries of original graphics and beta sites of video rough cuts and webpages waiting to go live. Outside the agency many clients trust their marketing partners with the keys to their social media sites, access to their customer databases and CRM applications, and to buy media on their behalf. These assets and other pieces of intellectual property must be protected at all times.

What kind of damage – financial and reputational – will your brand be exposed to if it is determined that your agency is the source of a breach? Lose the client? Likely. Have trouble landing new ones? Perhaps.

There are many groups in the typical marketing services organization; account service, media, creative, traffic, research, and video production to name a few. That’s a lot of teams, a lot of users, and a lot of opportunities to compromise a shared password. These knowledge workers need to securely share proprietary account information among themselves, clients, and often with freelance talent without risk.

Print and digital advertising, inbound SEO marketing, public relations, direct marketing, social media, website development, event promotion, media buying, pay-per-click – whatever your area of marketing expertise may be – keeping your internal and clients’ intellectual property safe must be part of your overall security strategy to protect your brand.

Keep your clients safe with Passpack
A centralized password management solution like Passpack should be your first line of defense. Passpack promotes best security practices and puts rules in place to ensure proper password hygiene, helping insulate your agency from cyberattacks. It empowers users to share passwords and confidential data securely, access proprietary assets, and enable collaboration between various teams and clients without compromise. Simplify the on- and off-boarding process of freelancers and put an end to handwritten password lists. Passpack minimizes the risk that your agency will be breached, or found to be the ultimate source of a client data breach, as the result of a weak or compromised password.

Don't lose accounts. Don't lose passwords. Make Passpack Password Management part of your plan to keep confidential client information safe, and keep your clients!

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Key Features

  • Scalable. Support an unlimited number of users and passwords
  • Versatile. Create an unlimited number of discreet teams of users
  • Secure. Zero-knowledge architecture, end-to-end encrypted password sharing between individuals and teams
  • Universal. All platforms supported, access from any browser, any device
  • Automated. Create strong credentials with built-in password generator
  • Adaptable. Import, export, and transfer ownership of passwords
  • Centralized. 100% visibility into every user’s password-related actions
  • More security, control & management with:
  • – Two-factor Authentication - YubiKey support
  • – Emergency access codes
  • – Private and shared notes
  • – Login IP and address history
  • – Google Single Sign-on (SSO) available
  • – Prevention of DNS attacks
  • – Team management
  • – Administrator controls
  • – Advanced reporting

Customer Testimonials

"Within our agency, we employ multiple account teams and freelance talent with a lot of client crossover. Passpack gives us the flexibility to organize ourselves into teams to access only the protected resources each user needs for their accounts. As freelancers come and go, Passpack makes it easy for us to grant or suspend access rights temporarily without disrupting the productivity of other users of the same password-protected assets.”




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