NPOs have a conscience. Cybercriminals don't.

Non-profit organizations exist for purpose-driven reasons, to further a social or environmental cause, and to benefit the community at large. They come in all shapes and sizes and may serve humanitarian, artistic, healthcare, educational, resource preservation, animal welfare, financial, religious, and political initiatives. Examples range from the well-known American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Make-A-Wish Foundation to your neighborhood church and Little League associations.

While a NPO’s goals may be more altruistic than most, the need to protect their digital and financial assets is no different than any for-profit business, and perhaps even more so.

NPOs rely on corporate grants, contributions, and individual donations to fund their activities, making every dollar more precious. Budgets are traditionally tight, and spending is closely monitored for compliance issues. At the same time, NPOs need to share data and access to financial accounts to make that wish come true, purchase new uniforms for the league, or get emergency relief supplies to those in need.

Those funds, as well as the private data of donors, contributing organizations, and the recipients of charitable contributions need to be protected from both external and internal threats. Cybercriminals will steal money, identities, or demand ransom without conscience from NPOs serving the neediest causes. And how many times have we read about the coffers of a local charity or social organization being emptied by a trusted employee?

Just because a cause is just won't insulate it from threats. NPOs need to protect their financial and data resources with the same tenacity as for-profit businesses. The place to start is with password management, as most cyberattacks can be traced to the use of a weak or compromised password or poor credential management.

Non-Profits are Close to Our Heart

At Passpack we understand the challenges of the NPO and the need to maximize the value of every dollar spent. Some of our largest clients are non-profits, and Passpack itself has supported the Rotary Club of Denver and contributes to several NPOs including the International Tree Foundation and the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA).

That’s why our Team’s Plan starts at only $1.50 per user/month, and our Business Plan at just $4.50 per user/month. Your NPO gets the security it needs a with centralized password management application built on a Zero-Trust architecture employing end-to-end data encryption to keep your donor data secure at minimal cost.

Passpack puts controls in place to enforce strong password creation policies across entire organizations, empowering users to share confidential data securely while minimizing the chances that your NPO infrastructure will be compromised.

Make Passpack your first line of defense against cyberthreats and make your wish for cybersecurity come true.

We further support our NPO clients with discounts and donations to their causes. Please contact us at to see if special terms apply for your NPO.

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Key Features

  • Scalable. Support an unlimited number of users and passwords
  • Versatile. Create an unlimited number of discreet teams of users
  • Secure. Zero-knowledge architecture, end-to-end encrypted password sharing between individuals and teams
  • Universal. All platforms supported, access from any browser, any device
  • Automated. Create strong credentials with built-in password generator
  • Adaptable. Import, export, and transfer ownership of passwords
  • Centralized. 100% visibility into every user’s password-related actions
  • Reduce risk further with:
  • - Two-factor Authentication - Yubi Key support
  • - Emergency access codes
  • - Private and shared notes
  • - Login IP and address history
  • - Google Single Sign-on (SSO) available
  • - Prevention of DNS attacks

Customer Testimonials

"In my NPO, a loss of funding for any reason would be devastating. If we suffer a theft, that money can’t be replaced until the next donation cycle. It’s not like we have a revenue generating product or service here. So, a Passpack subscription is small price for us to pay to ensure an extra level of protection around our financial and donor accounts.”

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SOC 1 & 2 
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